One of the most beautiful tourist attraction one can find in Rishikesh, Neer Garh waterfalls lay in the midst of peace and serenity. Situated at a distance of just 5km from Lakshman Jhula, this waterfalls offers a small trek to the adventurous souls through its trails. The water falling down from the cliffs allows the travellers to take a cooling dip in the pool. This is a two tier waterfall with bathing pools at the bottom. Dip your toes and you can feel the magic in the water flow right through you.


This little waterfall is situated on the Neelkanth road not too far away from Garud Chatti waterfall. The trek to Phool Chatti waterfall requires care and responsibility due to its slipperiness and steep slope. Despite the hardships, once you reach the spot, the mesmerising view takes away your pain. Due to its proximity to the forest, the Phool Chatti waterfalls offers stunning view of greenery and the natural wilderness around it.


Named after the Patna village near by, this waterfall comes to life in the monsoon season. The splash of water perfectly cut into millions of falls from the sharp rocky mountains is a vision of pure and mobile beauty. Tourists find it hard to resist to capture such a magnificent view on their cameras. This spot also offers the tourists to explore the limestone caves situated right next to it. It requires a trek of 1km through the Rajaji National Park in order to reach this waterfall.


Garud Chatti Waterfall requires a trek of approximately 1.5km from the temple dedicated to Garuda. It is located 3kms from the Lakshman Jhula on the Neelkanth temple road. Despite being small, the beauty of this waterfall makes it a very famous hotspot in Rishikesh especially among the foreign tourists. The union of water flowing from seven different point into one, creating a live pool is what sets this waterfall apart from the other tourist attractions.

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