Best Road Trip Destination in Car

Do you find joy in traveling? Road Trips are always considered to be the best for exploring something new and discovering life across different places of India. Road Trips are actually adventure with a beautiful view, they are considered to be the best way to satisfy one’s wanderlust. The travelers who explore more on roads than at home, for you all, here are the best places to explore with your favorite fun-loving car. Cars are always loved by those who travel. They can freely explore the unexplored places in their cars. Of course, the photo-holics will find a new way to explore Nature’s beauty.
Here are the best road trips that will definitely move your soul:
Mumbai-Pune Expressway Road Trip

This expressway is the best of all with high-speed six-lane expressway which connects Mumbai and Pune. This 2-hour trip will give you the best experience in the monsoon season. The beautiful place has panoramic views that will last forever in your mind. This is considered to be the best views of Maharashtra. The 93 km route with the amazing picture-worthy scenes surrounded by hills and greenery. You can also find the joints for some ravishing North Indian food. What else do the travelers want? Isn’t it amazing to have all the beautiful things in one place?

Manali Leh Highway


This is the perfect destination one can choose for a road trip, the place is actually beyond your imagination. The 480 km journey is extremely pleasurable with amazing valleys, mountains, landscapes, etc. Go explore something new with the goodness of nature and valleys. This can be an adventurous journey for you. Pack your bags for this beautiful journey.

Bangalore to Munnar

Munnar, the most beautiful place in Kerela, has a lot to offer you. This place is said to be the best for the honeymooners. The distance from Bangalore to Munnar is about 477 km with a scenic view of waterfalls on the sides of the road. The beauty of nature can be truly seen here. This road trip will give you a new experience. Loud Music, waterfalls, and winds! Do you need something else to explore?

Mumbai to Goa

If you’re talking about road trip then how can someone forget about the Mumbai to Goa trip? The pleasurable and photoholic trip for travel lovers. It is a road trip of almost 10 hours. The trip is all about adventure and lip-smacking foods. The trip has adventurous things to explore. So what do you wish to explore there? Take time for it and visit this road trip destination for the best experience.

Shimla to Manali

What you think about driving over Beas, amidst, and hills? Sounds Interesting. The route of 250 km is the favorite destination for most of us. The shores of the river at Kullu Manali is beautiful, this can be the best view of your journey. These two are actually the favorite destination. The destination has a beautiful view of a river with cafes aside.

Bangalore to Pondicherry

This destination is not very much popular but has a worth of giving the best, the routes of this destination is love for the food lovers there are much lip-smacking food court with the exotic beaches and heritages. The road trip from Bangalore to Pondicherry can be weekend gateway.
Pack your bags, ready your cars to explore and don’t forget to share your experiences here.


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