Karnataka is widely known for its state capital Bengaluru, the IT hub of India and the home of various startups, but most of us don’t realize that Karnataka harbors a myriad of scenic destinations and austere sights. Set in the south-western part of India, Karnataka has been blessed with some of the best tourist spots the nation has to offer, which has undoubtedly attracted tourists from all over the globe.

In this post we will look at Karnataka’s city of IT giants, exquisite beaches, stunning mountains as well as various religious destinations that has shaped this Indian state into the magnificent land of hopes and dreams it is today.


Honored with the title of UNESCO World Heritage Site, Hampi is a very popular tourist destination for art lovers and photography enthusiasts, who are keen to take a peep into India’s rich heritage. Filled with monuments that were built hundreds of years ago, Hampi leaves you enthralled by its beauty and majesty. The mainland is divided into two parts, Hampi city and Hampi island, both of which is flanked by tourists all around the year.

(Tip: The best time to visit and experience Hampi is from October to March.)


Hubli is the second largest city of Karnataka and is extremely famous for its Chandramouleshwara Temple and Nrupatunga Hill. The city is dotted with many breathtaking places like Banashankari Temple, Unkal Lake and Indira Gandhi Glass House Garden that gives you a view into Karnataka’s traditions and culture. Hubli is a must visit for travelers wanting to learn about the developing cities of India.

(Tip: Trying out Jolada Roti and Badanikai Palya is a must in Hubli.)


Chikkamagaluru or Chikkamagalur comprises of the Hilly areas of Karnataka and is visited by nature lovers for its panoramic caves and water fall. The three large caves found in the area are considered to be holy and are a place of faith for many. Hebbe falls is another popular site in the city and is found in the area of coffee plantations. Wildlife lovers never fail to pay a visit to Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary, which is the home to many elephants, tigers and leopards.

(Tip: Don’t forget to buy sandalwood, when visiting the area.)


Known for its hills, rivers and valleys, Chitradurga is a hotspot for nature lovers all over the world. The city is situated by the side of river Vedavati and is famous for its picturesque stone fortresses and Bheemasamudra Dam, constructed across the river Jhingi Halla. A visit to Chitradurga is must to spend some time in the lap of mother nature and cleansing one’s soul from all its worries and inhibitions.

(Tip: Visit Hidimbeshwara Temple to know about its significance in Mahabharta.)


This little town in Southern Karnataka is referred to as the Scotland of India and is visited by tourists all around the year. It’s the best destination to lose yourself in the cosmos and enjoy its majestic waterfalls, rich greenery, extravagant wildlife and obviously the top-notch coffee. Coorgi cuisine is another big factor to visit and explore the place, the authentic Pandi Curry, Atti Pyasa and Bimbale is the gateway of heaven for any foodie and is often enjoyed by the travelers.

(Tip: Don’t forget to pay a visit to Dubare Elephant Camp)


Gokarna is the beach town of Karnataka and is the home to the very popular Hindu pilgrimage site, Mahabaleshwar Temple, a shrine dedicated to Lord Shiva. This northern town of Karnataka caters to a variety of tourist interests, be it the famous flea market or the banana boat rides, Gokarna is without fault one of the best gateways to adventure lovers as well as religious folks. From its beaches to temples, Gokarna is a balanced mixture of the best of both worlds.

(Tip: The sunset at Kudle Beach and a walk along its shore is a memory you’ll cherish forever.)


If Gokarna is the beach town of Karnataka then Mysore is the city of extreme historical importance, providing one with a glance into the architecture and grandeur of the Golden India. A visit to the very popular Mysore Palace is mandatory as it is the symbol of Indian nobility and greatness, that more often than not leaves one in an awe of its beauty. The St. Philomena’s Cathedral and Mysuru Sand Sculpture Museum are often a hit among the travelers and can be visited any time of the year.

(Tip: Try the local cuisine for a complete experience of this South-Indian city.)


Bengaluru or Bangalore is the state capital of Karnataka, and widely known for its lush greenery, trendy pubs and historical sites. Even though Bangalore is mostly known for its startup culture and IT companies, there are plenty hangout spots the tech-city has to offer. Ranging from The Bangalore Palace to the gorgeous Lalbagh Garden, Bangalore is a delight to explore. This city of Gardens is a wonderful place for someone who wants to experience the “pub culture” of an Indian metropolitan city as well as soak into the greenery and cultural history of Southern India. Bangalore is the city of dreams for many and rightly so.

(Tip: Carry an umbrella wherever or whenever you go because Bangalore is fond of its showers.)

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