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  • April 9th, 2019
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Waking up to a place where you can actually see the birds, clear sky and a serene river. Sounds like a prefect dream isn’t it? Well I lived that dream when I visited Rishikesh. There are many amazing things you can do here and I’ll mention it for all those who are ready to live this amazing dream! Whether it be living in camps or doing river rafting, everything made me a bit close to nature and my not so hectic day to day life.
Starting from the accommodation which was a camp site, I chose it because living in a hotel is too mainstream. Followed by this was a trek nearby our camp side. You know treks can be a bit tiring but the satisfaction of fresh air and amazing beautiful waterfall makes it worth trying.
The camp site was fun as there was everything we needed. A place for bonfire, place to play some outdoor sports, good food and charging points (most important thing).
Next day was amazingly adventurous because it was the time for river rafting! If you are visiting rishikesh and not going for river rafting then you are not doing justice to your ‘me time’. The thrill and cold water is the perfect combination for an adventurous trip. Rappelling was the other adventure waiting for us after the amazing river rafting experience. It can be a bit scary or tough but isn’t it what adventures ask for?
The last day was something really fun for me because then we went to visit places like Ram and Laxman jhoola, local market of Rishikesh, Beatles aashram and the Ganga aarti which completed the essence of my trip. If you are visiting Rishikesh then these are the must visit places for each and every one. There can be more to this but for me a 3 day trip to Rishikesh was something more than a perfect dream.
All those who are ready to wander and have some adventure must pack your bags for a trip to Rishikesh!

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